This FAQ answers frequently asked questions regarding the WebIQ framework, WebIQ Designer and WebIQ Server (Connect). If your question is not answered here please contact us through the support form.

General Questions

WebIQ Designer

Which user name do I have to use to login?

The user name to login to WebIQ Designer is “admin”.

I lost my password for WebIQ Designer

To reset the administrator password for WebIQ please follow these steps:

  • Exit WebIQ Connect if it is running by right-clicking on the taskbar icon and selecting Exit

  • Press the Windows key and the key R simultaneously to open the Run dialog:

  • Type cmd and click on the OK button

In the console window that has opened type these commands followed by pressing ENTER after each line:

cd %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%/WebIQ/Connect
connect.exe --reset-admin-password --keep-console

WebIQ Connect will now generate a new temporary administrator password and show it in the console like this:

[2019-08-21 07:32:17.379132] [notification | security] Password of system user 'admin' has been regenerated.
[2019-08-21 07:32:17.379132] [notification | security]
[2019-08-21 07:32:17.379132] [notification | security] >>>>   eff?c*fdbab/   <<<<
[2019-08-21 07:32:17.379132] [notification | security]        ^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • Please carefully select and copy the shown password to the clipboard - in this example the password is eff?c*fdbab/ - and press the ENTER key afterwards.

  • Open WebIQ Designer and login with the user name admin and the password you just copied by clicking in the password field and pressing the keys Ctrl and V at the same time. Now click on the Login button.

You will now see the Password Expired dialog:

Using Ctrl and V as before paste the copied password into the Current Password field. Now enter your new desired password twice and click on the OK button.

You have now successfully set a new password for WebIQ.

My license is invalid after I changed hardware components

My license is invalid after a Windows 10 Version Upgrade

Sometimes WebIQ is unable to validate your license on the first boot after a Windows 10 version upgrade (e.g. upgrading from 1909 to 2004). In this case, restarting the WebIQ Connect service or simply restarting your PC will fix the issue. Should you continue to have issues, please contact us through the support form.

I cannot upload images/fonts using the "Browse" icon (open folder icon)

This dialog is meant to select existing files within the app directory, not for uploading files. Uploading files is only possible by clicking on the "upload" icon (monitor with an arrow pointing up).

Why is my LocalScript not executed in WebIQ Designer, but in my app and in the preview?

LocalScripts are not executed intentionally in the Layout Manager in WebIQ Designer as they could interfere with the UI of the Layout Manager.

WebIQ Apps

How can I access widgets in panels and screens from my LocalScript?

For performance reasons widgets and the corresponding HTML elements are removed from any multi-screen widget like panels and screens when the corresponding screen or panel is not visible. This means that your LocalScript has to check if the widget exists and act accordingly.

What is the minimum interval for the Trend Display?

The minimum interval is one second.

After saving and publishing my app my changes are not shown in the browser. What can I do?

WebIQ uses caching extensively to increase performance. During development this might lead to outdated information.

Therefore you have to empty the browser cache whenever you have updated your app to see the changes.

To ease development we highly suggest to disable browser caching in that phase. In Google Chrome you can achieve this by following these steps:

  • Open your app in Google Chrome

  • Press F12

  • Click the "Network" tab in the developer tools

  • Check the checkbox "Disable cache"

  • Keep the developer tools open and refresh the page for example by pressing F5

Error Messages

WebIQ Designer

“Already loaded” when trying to load an app in WebIQ Designer and I cannot load it

This will be fixed in an upcoming version of WebIQ and can happen when some crucial process is interrupted. As a workaround:

  • Quit WebIQ Designer

  • Quit WebIQ Connect

  • Open %PROGRAMDATA%\WebIQ\WebIQ Projects\.workspace (%APPDATA%\WebIQ\WebIQ Projects\.workspace for WebIQ < 2.6.0) and delete all files and directories inside – but do not delete the directory itself

  • Open %APPDATA%\webiq-designer\workspace and delete all files and directories inside – but do not delete the directory itself

  • Start WebIQ Connect

  • Start WebIQ Designer

This should solve the problem. If it does not please contact us through the support form.

“Syntax error in JSON file” when trying to load an app.

At least one of the *.json files inside your app has an invalid JSON syntax. To find out more you can for example paste the contents of the file name shown into the form at Unless you fix this error you cannot load the app as invalid JSON files might lead to errors within WebIQ Designer which is why we prevent loading the app in the first place.

No SVG images shown in WebIQ Designer, neither in the app nor in the Designer itself but in the web browser

This happens because the correct and default registry entry for the file type SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) has been changed on your system. Using the Windows Registry editor navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.svg and change the value Content Type on the right side back to image/svg+xml. After closing and restarting WebIQ Designer SVG files should now be displayed correctly.

WebIQ Apps

“Connection to server interrupted (Please check if WebIQ Connect is reachable or license limitations have been exceeded).” when trying to access my app in a browser

These are the things to check:

  • Is WebIQ Connect running on the machine you are trying to access?

    • Is the machine reachable via network at all?

  • Has the license limit been exceeded? The free demo version only allows one concurrent client connection and WebIQ Designer counts as one client. To check have a look at the WebIQ Connect console and press the “V” key. Compare the value “WebIQ licensed max clients” and the “Current users” output. If the “Current users” value equals the value under “max clients” you have to extend your license. Contact us for a quote then.

If your question has not been answered here please contact us through the support form.